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A Carlssin: I removed the bit about Sam hearing non-English as English. In one episode, he had to have Al translate to and from Italian for him.
Haven: How did this show have a Bolivian Army Ending? I never got to see the last episode but from all accounts it was more of a No Ending.
concerning "Fashion Dissonance (A weird case: Al's choices in clothing were intentionally regrettable looking, when they weren't a navy uniform. Word Of God states that this was done to differentiate the holographic Al from the people who were actually physically there.)" Yes, even when I watched this show as a kid (and hence didn't have any sense for fashion), I always wondered why Al sticks out that much, you immediately see he's the "hologram"... I even speculated that maybe they shot all his scenes using a bluescreen, deliberately using different lighting, to emphasize his holographic nature... which isn't true... You see, I've been a weird kid, knowing a lot more about special effects than fashion ;) However, my point was: Good job utilizing that trope!
John Z: On the trivia page, the discussion of the unexplained leaps outside of Sam's lifetime could have an answer, but it'd be somewhat... politically messy. Both of the unexplained leaps occur less than nine months prior to Sam's birthdate, so technically they're within his lifetime, depending on how you define "lifetime". I'm wondering, is it better to just leave it here for discussion, or should I add it to the trivia page, controversy be damned?
  • Occono: Maybe it would fit the WMG page better.