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  • "Fetish Fuel Yes, there are such things as instant-pregnancy fetishists." — I think this could use some clarification. After all, all pregancies are instant. You're not pregnant, you're not pregnant, you're not pregnant... then bam! Instantly, you are pregnant. I understand the trickeries in clarifying something like Fetish Fuel, but I still think this could use a bit more.
    • It is now "instant FULL-TERM pregnancy fetishists". Hope that helps. If not... well, I tried.

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  • Wall Banger - the guy who appears to be in charge of the FBI's Fringe group is the same guy who, at the beginning of the series, was sacked for sexual harassment against Olivia. So he wins his appeal and they put him in charge of Olivia again?
    • Actually, if this troper recalls correctly, it was someone the BaldBlackLeaderGuy knew, not the BaldBlackLeaderGuy himself. there was still plenty of drama about it in the pilot, though.

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Yoshi: Will we ever go back and fix everything Jossed from Season one (i.e William Bell being the Big Bad, ZFT's motives, etc)
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Lamore Vincera: Does this show qualify for Aliens in Cardiff? Everything and its sister that goes wrong seems to come out of Boston...