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When does that supposed line from Tales of Symphonia appear? I don't remember it and have played through four times.

This is a load of nonsense, should be removed or totally reworked

Tanto: It's in a skit. If you wander around the Forest of Death for a while after you're told to go to Mizuho (after beating Regal), two of the skits show up, and if you wander around in Mizuho for a while after talking to the Vice-Chief, you'll get the last one (and the "Idiot Chosen" title for Zelos, incidentally).

Caphi: Why the expletive does the article cite Phantasia as a sequel to Symphonia? Symph is a prequel to Phantasia.

Tanto: Because Phantasia comes after it in the chronology, and it sounds better than "the game that comes after it in the chronology, but was released earlier." Stop being so anal about it.

Later: Deleting other people's comments is not kosher, Caphi.

Caphi: I didn't delete that. This is the first time I've seen your comment. >_> And it could be simply "the game it's a prequel to."

Tanto: Sorry. Page History says you did. Probably just a mistake — the wiki can be weird sometimes.

McSalgado: Merge with FarEast?

Tanto: No. This is (or should be) a primarily videogame-based trope. You can move the anime examples over there if you like.