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Vampire Buddha: I'm wondering if there's enough examples under Flat and Concave worlds to justify splitting them into subtropes.
Eric DVH: I recall hearing somewhere that the Ultima series originally took place on a flat world, that the underworld of the gargoyles was actually on the other side of it, and that this was retconned in later games. Is this true?

Robin Adams: Yes, that's right. In Ultima V and VI, the world was square and flat; go far enough in one direction, and the world ends, with just the Ethereal Void beyond. The Underworld where the gargoyles live was explicitly the other side of the world. In Ultima VII, the map behaves like a torus - go off the edge of the West end and you appear on the East. There's an orrery that shows Britannia as a sphere, in the centre of its system, orbited by its two moons and the other planets. The sun is fixed at one side of the orrery - presumably Britannia rotates but does not move. The gargoyles are still around, but what happened to their homeland is not mentioned.