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Insanity Prelude: Gene and Finny, huh? I totally called it. (Too bad the blatant homolust didn't make it fun for me to read, back in tenth grade.)

Twin Bird: "You look like a fairy!" "Well, if suitors start showing up, you'll protect me, eh?"

Hmm...everyone I know was simply taught the book as a gay love story; my class was an exception, but only in that we weren't signposted since we were expected to discuss it amongst ourselves. "New learning" thing.

bluepenguin: Regarding Tamora Pierce, I remember hearing somewhere, a while ago, that Thom and Roger in her Song of the Lioness series were also intended to be in a relationship, and that this was made more explicit in earlier drafts, but was toned down to a subtextual level in the end because, again, she didn't feel it necessary to state it outright. I have no idea who I heard this from, though, so I don't know whether they were a reliable source — and that aside, my memory may be faulty. So, can anyone confirm/deny?

Rinny: When was it stated that the Narrator from Fight Club is gay?

Or for that matter, Miles Edgeworth. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Miles being gay is fanon.

Seriously, alot of these are without sources.

Jumpingzombie: In Fight Club there are some gay undertones, but the creators never out and out said the narrator or Tyler were gay. The Ho Yay in the book and movie were there to make the viewer more uncomfortable with the already weird story.

Does it really need to link to Viewersare Morons every time something acknowledges heteronormativity?

Mr Wednesday: Who else thinks By The Gay would be a good alternative title for this trope? :p