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Many Legend of Zelda games include a level inside Jabu-Jabu's belly.

Tanto: I count one...granted, I haven't played Phantom Hourglass or the Oracle games yet.

Zeke: It's in Oracle of Ages, IIRC. But still, more like "several" than "many".

Shire Nomad: Going with "multiple."

Insanity Prelude: Ocarina and Oracle of Ages, yeah.

Mc Martin: Game FAQ's index refers to Life Force as Lifeforce but none of the FA Qs themselves do, nor does Wikipedia — and Wiki sources it to a Konami catalog.
I was thinking this was going to be about areas in games analogous to Link's house in some of the The Legend of Zelda games, where there's comforting-sounding music and an unlimited supply of health. —Document N

I only wish. I have a phobia of Womb Levels as we actually describe them... yes, it's retarded and no, I don't know why. I'm a biology major, for crying out loud! ... That is an interesting way of looking at the term, though. —Insanity Prelude

Sabre Justice: This article is becoming so long, I think it needs to be divided into genres.
Cambdoranononononono: I'm removing the Invader Zim stuff from the main article. It doesn't seem to be a particularly instructive example, so it probably should get its own entry if anything. It also looks like kind of a non-sequitur; based on the definition in preceding part of the paragraph, it's just a Fantastic Voyage. (It's both voluntary and intended to accomplish something inside the body in question.)