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Working Title: What Could Have Been: From YKTTW

L-chan: quiestion. The discarded pilots of some mangas can count as this?

Lale: Wouldn't discarded pilots be entire series that never came about? How much of the original manga is intact after a pilot is "discarded"?

L-chan: well, I remember that one prototype/pilot episode for Bleach, where the only thing in common with the official manga was the presence of Ichigo, Rukia and Orihime, and the basic plot of Ichigo taking over Rukia's shinigami job. In that pilot, Rukia becomes a shrinked version of herself a la Midori no Hibi, and Orihime was Dead to Begin With and more open about her affections. And there was that Naruto prototype where the plot was how Naruto, who was a proper fox demon in that story, had to go to the human world and learn how to make friends without screwing it. There is a version of the "sexy technique", who came clothed with a tini bikini top and hot-pants. And there was no ninja there. So Yeah.

Lale: Maybe we should make another trope for that. Premise Change?

L-chan: it could be interesting. Trow it in YKTTW to see what happen.
So, they settled for this stripped-down version on a budget of $50 million, filmed in an abandoned lead factory. Then, they watched as fanboys like me piled into the theater on opening day anyway. This is why they're rich film executives, and I live in my car.
David Wong on Alien 3: The Ten Best Sci-Fi Films Never Made

Lale: Great, hilarious quote, but it doesn't have anything to do with the trope of revealing discarded ideas for a work since the changes are not necessarily bad or Executive Meddling.

Prfnoff: It was even more misplaced on They Just Didn't Care, and I don't think there's another trope it would be an appropriate page quote for.

Lale: Starving Artist? Now that new page quote is Made of Win. Where's it from?
Lale: Rumors don't count; there should be confirmation.
Noneofyourbusiness: Should cases where an actor tried out for a part but instead got another part in the same series count as this? Or should there be another trope?

Noneofyourbusiness: Unless someone else has some thoughts, in about a week I'll default to putting such cases under this trope.
Mitchell Is there any way for me to get the SOURCE for that Babylon 5 thing? T He 'completely different plot.' The rest can be confirmed at the Babylon 5 Lurker's Guide, but this is some BIG stuff, and the book is super-special edition!

Fly: Cutting:
** Many of the early video previews for Metal Gear Solid 2 featured among other things, a fight with a Harrier jet on the Hudson Bridge, an escape from the flooding tanker USS Discovery as Snake, and an expository cut-scene that took place between the Tanker and Plant chapters.
because it's all justifiable. The Harrier fight was in the game, but they couldn't very well show it in its actual environment since they were trying to obscure the presence of the Plant - the Harrier on the Hudson was just a tech demo. The 'expository cutscene' was never in any of the trailers, and was in fact a monologue which took place over the in-game Codec played over footage from MGS1. The flooding sequence was cut from the game for being too boring, so it qualifies and I'm going to work it back into the big main block of text.

Twin Bird: I thought Mystique was supposed to be the father of Rogue, not Nightcrawler, which is why it took so long to reveal any details about her birth parents. Does anyone have a source?