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Ununnilium: B— Wh— Djg—

Didn't I already make this into a trope? With a huge entry? That I can't seem to find in the history? Have I gone mad? Mad, I tell you!?

Mith: I know nothing about Runaways but the example as written makes zero sense.

Ununnilium: That's because they're not an example in any way, except being a team that operates in California. Cutting:
  • The Runaways are essentially a West Coast Team, charged with dealing with power vacuum left open for a new rise of supervillainy in the West Coast as a result eliminating the Pride (aka their parents). Well, that and teaming up with/running away from various iconic superheroes who travel clear across the country just to meet up with them and impart what they think is right for them.

Scifantasy: I rewrote the Runaways example; their being in California where no one else is, and sort of second-string to the larger Marvel Universe, is an important part of their character.

Loser Takes All: But neither of those things are related to the trope. It's specifically a spin-off created by having an existing organization open a franchise in a different location. The reference to second-string characters is just a generalization based on the fact that they're rarely willing to move the really popular characters to the new team, and the "West Coast" part is only used because the two best-known examples are Titans West and the West Coast Avengers. Are the Runaways a spin-off of another team?