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Looney Toons: I'm kind of at a loss how to classify this. Is this supposed to be an Anime Trope, or a more general Trope? The name quite obviously evokes Star Wars, but the text seems to be at least tilted slightly toward anime. Osh, what did you have in mind?

Keru: About the only thing coming to mind for me at the moment is Shinku from Rozen Maiden. (I'll get that entry done tomorrow, I hope.)

The qoute is actually an old fave of those who remember the Link & Zelda cartoon. :) And sorta a similar idea of the guy who's expected to go and always do his assigned job and typically gets diddly for it at the end from the girl who should be infatuated with him. Rozen's a good example though too.

Lale: Kim Possible Season 4?

Wiki: Kim Possible since season 1.

Roland: Removed most of the anime examples since they didn't hold true at all as examples of this Trope. Most contributers completely ignored this first, central part of the definition: "a beautiful, classy, good-mannered, loyal girl". Also, most of the examples were (a) of people not in any way in relationships and (b) situations where the girl was just as bad as if not worse then the guy. I.E., they're just bitchey.

Master_Prichter: Isn't there something like this in Bamboo Blade?
"Probably would have made the whole Anakin/Padme barf-inducing storyline actually tolerable, too."
Lale: Since Mai's on here, too, I guess that would look a lot like Mai and Zuko.
  • Don't forget her response to his proposal:
Elizabeth: I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.

That quote doesn't really have anything to do with Elizabeth's role in this trope, which starts long afetr she says that. The quote comes from before she started to like Darcy at all, when she actually did hate him and had no desire to marry him. She is not being playful or sarcastic here. In short, cut because it's irrelevant to this particular trope.