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pregnant.hannah.montana. - I love wedding peach abridged! I am proud to be its first idiotic, drooling fanboy!

Dragon Quest Z: I thought you were TokuTenshi herself.

But even then, you're not the first, unless you were her first subscriber. I started this page (just under a different account), and I wouldn't even call myself the first fan.

Pregnant.hannah.montana. - I just meant that there might have been fanboys before, but that none was idiotic and drooly enough to turn the Wedding Peach Abridged tv tropes page into a loose baggy monster. In any case, this page is so pimped out thanks to our collective fan boy efforts.

Hey guys, do you want to vote for an Ensemble Darkhorse or do you think that the ensemle is pretty balanced. I personally think that Pluie or Hinagiku would be candidates for Darkhorse status.