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Seth: This is a great catch Wiki.

Wiki: Thanks. I was just really surprised it wasn't here already. But I guess it was time I made one of my own rather than just suggesting. Easier than I thought it'd be.

Seth: I browsed this place for about a month before i added anything and then meekly asked permission to do anything. You get used to it. You have some decent edits under your belt now, maybe you should set up a contributor page? (Re-edited to not be an order :D)
Seth Why was the galaxy example wiped? Aside from being one of the most popular children's programs in Australia and Europe in the early 90s it is a clear cut example as well. Right down to it being the moment that you can pin point X going from dislocated girl to full on Messiah.

Lale: I remember the line that Aang can "run faster than the wind," but when does he use that technique to run on water?

Ununnilium: "touch down on planer "Housten""?

Paul A: "planer" is a typo for "planet". It's been too long since I saw the film, so I don't recall exactly why they think the planet is called "Houston" (although I can guess).

Wiki: To answer a couple of things: On their way to Earth, the three dudes make a pitstop on the moon and mess with an astronaut who delivers the line way too standard for me to rephase. As for Aang, he does it in the fourth episode then again to create a whirlpool in can't remember the number but it was that serpent episode. Funny how both occasions involved some random giant sea serpent thingie. Nothing never really leaves my head, beneficial but makes watching tv a challenge in itself. What am I missing, oh tha page thing, eh.
Rogue 7: I'd personally suggest This image instead, as it fits just as well without the caption, but I don't know a thing about the media uploader, so I'll just link it for now.
  • FrozenWolf150: Added the dialogue from Naruto Abridged in the quote section atop the page, as it seemed appropriate for the picture.

Deleted: "I put it to you that he didn't have enough faith. Also you have to remove your genes from the human race to qualify. If he was a priest then he was already out of the race. Mind you I'm Catholic, if that wasn't the case for him then I wouldn't consider him a priest."
  • Darwin Award rules state that voluntary celibacy (as held by catholic priests) is still voluntary, a priest can, biologically still produce children, even though he choses not to.

Geoduck: I moved the Naruto quote to the Quote Wiki, since it and the picture were sorta overwill.

Softspoken: I cleaned up the tail of the body... The part about Jesus not saying it was exclusive to him. I thought it was worth pointing out that Jesus encourages Peter to walk on the water to him, and he succeeds at least temporarily.