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Seth: Animorphs deserves an entry but I don't really think I could do it properly. Someone who has read the books should take a stab at it.

((Were Josh Peck Prince)): Yes, certainly. I've read them, all of them. I have a video game demo thing for playstation that not only had that game but also had Bloody Roar 2 demo on there too. Two great shapeshifer themed games in one disc. Aren't the Mystic Force rangers shapeshifters too?

((Fin de Siecle)): Harry Potter's Tonks would count as a shapeshifter, I believe.

((Bring The Noise)) : Should the Skrulls from the Marvel Universe be here?

((Meshakhad)) : Someone finish the work I did organizing this page. I threw everything I couldn't identify into "Misc".

Were Josh Peck Prince: You forgot to add this one, there was a Mexican god called Queazalotyl and he could turn into an axolotl (mexican walking fish).


What's a good name for the specific variety of voluntary shapeshifter that turn into other humans? They tend to use their power for purposes of disguise rather than for the claws or wings. Examples: Mystique (X-men), Tonks (Harry Potter), Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist).

fleb No, no enough has not been said. Explain.