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Henker: Removed the King Hamdo example; he flips out too often to really count.

Jane: Removed the picture of Azula. Who thought it would be a good idea to display a picture from an episode of Avatar that *has not aired yet?* It may have been in the trailer, but some people don't watch trailers because Trailers Always Spoil

Pk Mario: Fine But at least let's keep it here so we can put it again when it actually airs:

Charred Knight: Now that the episode has aired, I say replace it with Azula crying, or looking even more insane. I feel the hair in that picture is too much in the way to get how much of a breakdown she was having.

Black Charizard: I'd rather put another, less spoilery image. I know half the tropers around here watch Avatar, but it's still a major spoiler.

Nettik: I think that with Avatar because the series is over and a good deal of the tropers have seen it, it's one of the safer images for the page. It's a spoiler trope. That said, the current picture works quite well I think because it doesn't show her hacked-off hair unlike the other image.
Willy Four Eyes: Transferred the original Mai-Otome example (having finally watched the last episode) and replaced it with a more fitting example, because Nagi's reaction was more of an Oh, Crap!, after he realizes he was beaten.


He looks at Bob

Joker: "Bob...The gun"

Bob gives Joker the gun, Joker shoots Bob, the henchmen that has been loyal to Joker even before Jack became The Joker was killed just because Batman ruined his plan to use laughing gas on the people of Gotham.

Caswin: How is Joker preparing to blow up the boats like he said he would from the beginning equivalent to turning over the chessboard and punching your opponent in the face?