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Silent Hunter: What's the legal status of video wills?

Johnny E: Are there enough non-will examples to either make this trope more general or create a new one?
  • TParadox: Reccommend some action of some kind. Is this trope about using video wills, or having precognizant recordings? I say the latter, many examples are only the former.
    • Johnny E: that certainly seems to be the focus of the trope (and a much more interesting one) than just the use of a video will. I'll start a YKTTW under "Precognizant Recordings". Oh christ, it's light outside... TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life!!
  • TParadox: Page has been split. I'm not sure if some of the examples I cut when copying over to The Tape Knew You Would Say That actually were examples, just without addressing that part. If you see one I missed, please add it with a better description.

Johnny E: come to think of it, is there much of a distinction between this and Dead Man Writing? As far as I can tell, this is just Dead Man Writing By Video!