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Lale: Any twins out there ever done this in real life?

Ununnilium: ...for just a second, I thought this was Twincest Discussion.

Burai: Heh. I would never have trusted my brother (yes, identical twin) to not use the opportunity to score an April Fool's two-fer. ("I promised to what yesterday??")

Nightraid: Where exactly in Black Lagoon is it implied that parts covered by Hansel's and Gretel's clothes are deformed ? If that was in regards to the scene where Gretel offered herself to Rock to thank him for his kindness, then I suppose his reaction was caused by the Squick of being sexually propositioned by a little girl, not because of any deformitites on her part. As for the scene where Balalaika explains their backstory to Mr. Chang where we see them unclothed and revelling in blood, that was probably just Anime Anatomy, nothing more.