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It might be worthwhile to make two separate Live Action TV categories: One for storyline-based TV shows and one for game shows.

WVI: I'd like for us to start making this page more navigatible. For instance, I changed the "Index Failure" link to "Failure Tropes", though it goes to the same place.

Voltaire Is there a trope for when a character turns insane in the end?

Make it look like an accident A phrase spoken so much it definatly deserves a page.

Is there any chance we could take the words "Scientific Progress Goes Boink" and make a new trope/retrofit it to an older trope with them? Because it would be absolutely hilarious if we did...

TheWeirdo I don't know if this is the place to ask, but is there any page about those people that get in dire straits due to either the hero or enemy action or whatever and later are simply relieved they made through it alive, not crushed/pissed/scared/wanting revenge for being put through that crap, as anyone would be? Sort of an "All is well that ends well" taken to homungous proportions?

Fast Eddie: Every time someone reads this entry, the CPU at the host goes to 100% and hangs out. If we're busy, it hangs out long enough to kill an edit or to timeout a page-view. We have to, have to, have to chop this sucker up into smaller pieces. Approaches?

Sci Vo: Desperate times call for simple measures. Tropes Categorized, Tropes A to M, Tropes N to Z.

Fast Eddie: Sure. One of those could work. I am chasing code things. Mind taking a whack at it?

Sci Vo: There's your whack. Crude, but hopefully effective. Should at least buy some time now for the usual consensus process to choose a more permanent solution.

Seth: How did the reorganisation project go, did that ever get implemented?

Adam850: Now it seems that every trope formerly in "Tropes" needs to be recategorized to the correct letter grouping. Are the letter groups in th pull-down menu on the edit page yet?

Sci Vo: I haven't added them to the index because it was just a graceless, spur-of-the-moment, emergency hack. We should YKTTW a more permanent solution... I'll go do that now.
Morgan Wick: This page has officially passed one thousand edits, and this is the first time its discussion page has been edited (after 1,011). That's two amazing achievements.

Shire Nomad: From my understanding, this is a "miscellaneous" category for stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else (yet); otherwise everything would go here. In that spirit, and in the spirit of keeping the page size sane, I removed several entries that have since been packed into the Love Tropes and Title Tropes categories. I may make passes through other categories later.

Sci Vo: I agree with that in principle. In practice, each entry needs to be considered individually, because many combine several elements. If one of those elements doesn't have a category, then someone looking for stuff with that element would probably not discover that entry unless it's also filed under Tropes. It could get pretty subjective. //Later: Speaking of subjective, I tweaked the wording at the top of the floatbox on the right and added a separating line. I think it's cool... I'm not married to it, though. //Much Later: I also moved some of the categories in the floatbox into more of a treeview form. Again, not married to it.

Fast Eddie; The Tree-View thing works out nicely. If you're in the mood for that sort of thing, let me draw your attention to UniversalTropesWack-Up, where a few of us have spent some time trying to come up with a categorization scheme for the general list. We got a bit burned out. It'd be nice to have some fresh eyes on it.

Seth: I'd say that the tropes wack up is ready to be implemented. (We just sorted them and didn't actually switch the indexes)

Sci Vo: I made an experimental change that I think will improve the usability of this page. We already had a Genre Tropes page; it just wasn't being used for much. I put all of the genre trope indexes from Tropes on it, plus all of their sub-indexes and sub-sub-indexes, so that you can get to any level from there in a flash. Then, I removed their sub-indexes and sub-sub-indexes from Tropes (except for Sex Tropes which is also a topical index) and moved the genre tropes up into their own section.

The result is clean and readable on the Tropes page; comprehensive and functional on the Genre Tropes page. I'm thinking of doing the same for the media tropes (New Media Tropes, Radio, Theater, etc.) and the topic tropes (Money Tropes, Religion Tropes, Sex Tropes, etc.). Before I YKTTW those pages, I want to make sure that it's a good idea in the first place. Is it working well for you with the genre tropes?

Sci Vo: Now we're test-driving calling the genre section "Flavors". It's one of the ideas for the New Sidebar Whack Up. Love/Hate/Both/Neither/Fish?

Sci Vo: Yay! At last, my eyes can wrap themselves around this page!

Meocross: *pokes page* Edit number 1012 coming in


Rissa: I see 'Training' at the bottom of the Topical Tropes list in the left-hand menu, under 'Sex', but it links to a 'Describe x here' and it's not on this page at all. What's going on there?

Micah: Training Tropes was cutlisted, as it was redundant with Skills and Training Tropes. I'm not sure if it's possible for mere mortals to affect the sidebar, or if you'll have to poke a mod to get that fixed...

Me: I wonder how is the trope called where an artifact has broken off into several pieces and most likely each piece will be guarded by a separate guardian?

Kilyle: Am I just not seeing a Clothing Tropes category that... surely must be around here somewhere?

Ivlivs: I think the search is broken.
Cidolfas: The plus signs, both on this page and in other categorization pages and the sidebar, are misleading. Clicking them does nothing at all; it looks like it should expand a tree node, but there's nothing there. It'd be nice to implement a tree node functionality (grabbing data from AJAX requests if necessary) but if that isn't around, the plus signs should be replaced with plain old dots. —- Janitor Thanks for making the effort, but...
A literary trope (from Greek τρόπος - tropos "turn" related to the root of τρέπω - trepō "to turn, to direct, to alter, to change") is a common pattern, theme or motif in literature.
... is too stuffy for us. We're trying to make these concepts more accessible. Light, breezy language, to help the medicine go down.

Only3Penguins: Minor quibble, but this page lists Universal Tropes as its own top heading, while the sidebar has it under Narrative Tropes. I'd say the sidebar's got it wrong. Additionally, having Universal Tropes listed beneath itself seems redundant.
Hey, my name is Chip J and I have a question, and I hope this is the right place to put it. I had written up a review on the Fairly OddParents, and now it's gone. In fact, the other review by Michael JJ is gone as well. What happened?
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: When the page was folderized, the links to reach greater treeviews on some of the greater categories were axed. This is a problem because I've used the greater media treeview to find some common media types that aren't directly on this page (such as "Manga"), and now it's harder.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Thanks for the fixes.
My name is Chip J and I can't log into my watchlist; I don't remember my password either; please help me!