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Wasn't there a case of this in V For Vendetta? (Haven't seen it.) —Document N
Yeah, at least kind of: V hijacked the girl and kept her in a prison that was modelled after the one where he himself was "mentally formed", he shaved her head and tortured her while in her cell there was hidden a disturbing diary of a "former prisoner" that introduced much of the world (abuse of sexual deviants, loss of civil rights and such) to her and the reader. But V orginally (and including this "training") was a graphic novel so it should be Comic not Film ;) On the other hand it was rather mental conditioning and not rigid training discipline like in the more direct examples so better leave it out. —UBF

Anna from Shaman King deserves a spot here; especially considering she and her training are a couple of the very small number of things that have managed to genuinely rattle Yoh.

What about Samurai Jack carrying huge rocks in order to be able to jump and climb better?

Would maybe Harry Potter qualify for this? After all he learnt nearly all the needed spells for his big task under circumstances not very nice, he was abused by Snape regularly, was not trusted by Dumbledore to be worthy of any explanation and so on. It might not fit into the kind of montage as with many Karate movies or Lukes training and such but isn't it even more hell when you have to endure it six conclusive years (or included the hearty educational efforts of the Dursleys whole sixteen years)? —UBF

I'm not sure about adding stuff, but when I did Kendo training at university it wasn't the holes in the feet so much as the skin being flayed off the palms of my hands directly (that was just me- I have soft skin). More universal problems included calluses that grew underneath other calluses, splinters coming out of cheap shinai, heatstroke, and, of course, the ever present possibility of broken hamstrings from doing basic footwork, as suffered by our club leader in his first year of training... Also someone's foot was broken by a botched fumikomi. Heck, even with all that armour on, everything still hurts, especially kote and missed do (that one looks like you've been whipped). Training from hell maybe but I'd totally get back into it. —Ian