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Working Title: Trademark: From YKTTW

Sikon: Edited the final line because copyright law and trademark law are completely different things.

Vampire Buddha: Removed the horrible Trope Co. stuff. Here's how it read before:
Trope Co.™ is proud to present our latest product, the Tradesnark™™. Using State-of-the-Art™ technology, we now have your Solution™ to marking things as Marketing Shills™. When you Absolutely™, Positively™ need to ensure with just one symbol that something has Sold Out™, just hang a Tradesnark™™ Trademark Symbol™ next to it. Everybody will get what you mean immediately.

Owlor: You forgot that part at the very end of the article...

Blork: I think we should keep that bit as it continues the joke started in the first paragraph. It needs a company name to make sense so it might as well be Trope Co..

Korodzik: Okay, seriously, I cannot make out even a single letter in this image. Someone increase it or remove it, okay?