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Ununnilium: I'm sad that I know this, but weren't the good guys in Vanpires called the Motorvaters?
Kimiko Muffin: 404'd on the Doctor Who link.

Gus: There were more than a a few Doctor Who links. Care to be more specific?

Ununnilium: The .rm clip.
Paul A:

  • Dastardly And Muttley In Their Flying Machines is popularly known as Stop That Pigeon because of its theme song. As a matter of fact, Stop That Pigeon was the series' working title, and instead of Dick Dastardly, a German baron was intended as the squadron leader.

This one seems to be an odd-man-out. All the other examples (and the trope description) are about the title misleading viewers about something in the show; this example is about something in the show misleading viewers about the title.

Jisu: Cleared the issue up by reorganizing the page.

Andrew Carlssin: What about cases where people deliberately use the wrong title for simplicity? Such as calling "Aliens" "Alien 2" because that's easier to say than "AlienZZZZ" with the stress on the final S to make sure people know you aren't talking about the first one.