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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Placing the Discussion that happened in the YKTTW here:

  • Fanra: We have Rule of Three, it seems we need to expand it and make sub-tropes. There is even another YKTTW (These Questions Three) about three here.
    • RFD BLAZE: I noticed, I made a discussion question there, but then managed to find my way here and decided to run with it. My apologies if I caused any trouble.
      • Fanra: No need to apologize. This is fine. I just wanted to point that out. It is important that you make clear in your description that this will be a sub-trope and exactly what fits in here and what doesn't.

  • RFD BLAZE: Hmm... good examples. Another thing of note I want to consider is whether the title would be better as "Third Time's the Charm" or the "Third Time's the Charm Rule". Not all that different, but a difficult choice none the less.

Followed the Three Rules of Three. Got some feedback, so I'm going to let the Wiki Magic out on this one...

Also trying to figure out what a good picture would be for this one... Not quite sure about it though...