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Working Title: Theme Song Reveal: From YKTTW

Fly: It came up on the YKTTW, but I can't add

  • In Chrono Trigger, when the group brings the broken parts of the Masamune to Melchior, there's a brief snippet of the Zeal background music.

because it's not clear what the playing of the Zeal background music actually reveals about the sword or the character. (I haven't played it.) Could someone who has spiff up the example a little?

bluefireglow: Does this trope also apply to reveals/spoilers that are brought out in the theme song visuals? Or is there a separate trope for that?

Fly: Re bluefireglow - no. This is 'theme song' as in Leitmotif. You're thinking of Spoiler Opening.

Also, moving the Knights of the Old Republic (Bastilla) and Planescape: Torment examples to Musical Spoiler.