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Seth: Trope Maker yay or neigh?

Kendra Kirai: I'd say yes, myself. It's been around long enough and had so many copies, references, and spoofs made of it I don't think it could be anything but.

Tulling: Changed "working class" to "upper-lower-middle class". Safety inspector at a nuclear plant is hardly working class, and "upper-lower-middle class" is used on the show at least once.

screw-the-duelists-i-have-money-in-america:if you're reading this try and play "six degrees of homer simpson" i didn't invent the game but i still think it's fun (documentation and discussion pages don't count, you can't hit random item until you've found a link to the simpsons, used more than six moves or found a page that is on the doesn't count list)

seth: You could play that game with almost all of our Trope Overdosed pages. Click random page and see how fast you can get to the series.

you're right! not only is the average degree of buffy summers either one or zero, but "six degrees of buffy summers" actually sounds better than "six degrees of homer simpson"

Duckluck "Though many fans consider the show past its prime, even on an off week The Simpsons remains funnier than almost anything else on broadcast television."

That's debatable, even when you remember that 90% of everything is crud and beating most network comedies isn't exactly hard. I have to say that in the last couple years any time I've watch The Simpsons I have found it to be painfully unfunny and kind've sad. It's like the writers know their jokes aren't working and just don't care anymore. Honestly, I think the show Jumped the Shark when Lisa became a vegetarian (and a functional adult) so many years ago, and has never really jumped back.

fhqwhgads: "A Simpsons feature film was released in summer 2007. It was suitably epic and provided the world with the catchy tune 'Spiderpig':" This almost seems to imply that the Simsons movie invented the tune. For those poor souls who don't know, the Spiderpig tune is from the opening theme to the 1967 spiderman cartoon series.

Big T: The tune is not '"Spider-Man", but "Spiderpig", which was invented for the movie. Perhaps you are confusing "tune" with melody? Or do you honestly not recognize a parody as distinct from the original?
Zephid: This is really bothering me... "Though many fans consider the show past its prime, even on an off week The Simpsons remains funnier than almost anything else on broadcast television. (FOX enforces this by culling shows that get too popular.)" I know There Is no Such Thing as Notability, but that last parenthetical note can't have any factual basis. The Simpsons regularly draws in ten million viewers. It has an established base. I seriously doubt Fox cuts programs that would be more popular because of some strange conspiracy.

Rann: The page really is overly-gushing about how great the Simpsons is in the descriptor, including the stated-as-fact opinion that the feature film was "suitably epic". (I thought it was a tedious mashing-together of about two to three episodes, dragged out poorly.) But this is probably one of those cases where any attempt to insert a bit more balance is just going to result in edit wars, so it's probably best just to let it be.

Big T: TINSTAN only deals with whether or not we include a Series, not what is written about it. It's perfectly fine if you want to remove something because you believe it is untrue. On the other hand, I think this page is intentionally trying to overhype the series.
Kerrah: I'm fairly sure that Homer Simpson is not the Trope Namer for Jerkass. That term has definitely existed before The Simpsons.

Matthew The Raven: Are you sure you're not confusing jackass with Jerkass?