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Erica MZDM: ...while this looks like a interesting and well written article, what on Earth is it doing on TV Tropes? Most of the information seems to be straight up trivia or historical facts, not "How the different states are portrayed in media" or "State idiosyncrasies that affect the media coming out of them." which would be more site appropriate.

Raposa: Like a lot of the Useful Notes articles, it's providing information that can help others understand a reference or a joke. If some of the 'history book' facts aren't really relevant, I suppose they could be trimmed if it's really necessary.

Red-HattedPlumber: Minor edit on the Puerto Rico entry. Nothing big, just took out the "despotic," seeing as how at the time the US invaded Puerto Ricans had had nearly thirty days of semi-autonomous rule under the Spanish Empire - in fact, considering the terms Práxedes Mateo Sagasta (Spanish Prime Minister in 1898) gave Puerto Rico, Spanish rule was more lenient.

O Jthe LION: Changed the part about the trivium of 46 states—neither texas nor vermont currently refers to themselves as republics, but Pennsylvania and Kentucky definitely do (as a former Pennsylvanian, there's some pride there). Changed it to reflect that and avoid any confusion.

White Haven: Removed the following sentence:
Ironically, at least one major bourbon manufacturer (though this troper cannot currently recall which) is actually located inside a dry county, making it illegal for it to be sold there.
As near as I can tell, every bourbon manufacturer in Kentucky is in a wet county. I believe the quote refers to Jack Daniels, which does not make bourbon, and is in Tennessee.

Lord of Creativity: Um....could someone tell me where North Carolina is? It appears to not be here. Have we forgotten a state?

Korval: Fixed.