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I'm not sure if there is a smarter way to do this, but I've just pasted in the thread from YKTTW. Also, I havn't the time to finish the page as fully as I would like, so I'm hoping that the Wiki Magic will fill things out a little - Jonny D

<cut because it's in the above link - Ununnilium>

Morgan Wick: Jonny D, did you see the "launch" button? Someone (Seth: Laughs maniacally) did it for you.

Ununnilium: Yeah, just click the "From YKTTW" button at the top of the page here.

gryffinp: Would anyone object to the adding of the famous "Every password is swordfish!" line? It goes like this: "He unfolded it. In smudged pencil, but still readable, it read Morphic street, 9 o'clock tonight. Password: swordfish. Swordfish? Every password was "swordfish"! whenever anyone tried to think of a word that no one would ever guess, they always chose "swordfish". It was just one of those quirks of the human mind.

Mister Six: Not much point since there's already a (lengthy) quote from Horse Feathers, the film that originated the trope.

Silent Hunter: I've corrected the Doctor Who entry. The missile is not nuclear and is explicitly said so in the script. For a start, the Slitheen want to get control of the nukes from the UN...

TJ Devil 02: Should we enter this in the Truth in Television category? You'd be shocked how many people are ticked off they're not allowed to use something simple.
Looney Toons: Ecureuil Matrix, what do you think you mean by "naturalized swordfish"? Because the only interpretation I can give that phrase suggests the swordfish had been born in another country but had immigrated to Freedonia.

Kilyle: I can always count on this site for knowledge and a good laugh... and Looney Toons, you just made my night.

Mr Onimusha: Though I agree that the characters of Digital Fortress make some insanely stupid errors, I don't think it's fair to mock Dan Brown for writing them as overlooking the simple answer to the clue - they were under a time limit before the entirety of the American military's secrets were released to the world (thus making the whole thing a little bit panicky) and the clue was worded just ambiguously enough so that thinking about the isotope numbers wasn't obvious. The stuff about Susan and not being able to guess the password, less so because most normal people would have gone straight for "Susan" then panicked if it was wrong, but the first bit is pretty harsh. Further, you can argue that the quasi-villain using such a simple code is an attempt at reverse psychology - everybody was working under the assumption that such an amazing cryptographer would have some insanely complicated kill-code, so setting it to be just one digit is almost genius in the simplicity...almost.

Travis Wells: Ok, I deleted the "The password was 'popcorn', hah, secure eh?" thing from the Palin-hacking entry, because that's what the password was changed to by the hacker. A password being "popcorn" is a 4chan in-joke, after a user who uploaded a lot of content passworded to his own name. Since the file listing shows known passwords (and a lot of them are "popcorn"), 4channers always try "popcorn" when attempting to guess passwords. Palin's actual password is LOST TO THE MISTS OF TIME, but it definitely wasn't "popcorn".
UltramarineAlizarin: I'm the one who posted the "Meet the Spy" example in Web Animation. First of all, I'm torn between whether it belongs in that category or another one (e.g. Video Games): even though it's about a game it's web-based promotional material that doesn't actually happen during gameplay (or even inside the game software). Plus, another poster has added a shorter version of the example in the middle of the Video Games category, so there needs to be a merge or deletion of some kind. Second, to avoid thread mode regarding whether the Soldier's password is "real", I'll keep discussion here. Reviewing the trailer, I can hear a mechanical noise right after the last digit is entered. Presumably the Soldier just didn't get a chance to reach for the handle of the unlocked door because the sound of the Heavy rounding the corner caught his attention.
Arivne: I merged the two X-Files Video Game examples.
Robin Zimm: I cut the following regarding Richard Feynman:
  • Also, he noticed that just by being observant, he could watch people entering the combinations, and presumably, could a Nazi spy. When he told the Army, their response was to issue a memo telling everyone not to let Dr Feynman watch them opening safes. his actual method of cracking the locks was based on a security flaw in the combination locks which let him find out the last two of the three figures when the lock was open. The part about the Army's response to being told of the fault, however, is accurate.
Random Surfer: So...if the password is always swordfish, how come the password to edit This Very Wiki isn't?