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Devil's Advocate: Am I completely mis-remembering Casino Royale here, or are both of the examples from that off?

1. "To their credit, though, Bond wins the tournament with an inside straight." The way I remember it, the climactic hand had four people still in, with a flush, a full house, a higher full house, and four of a kind(!), making this a particularly egregious example (not to mention extending the "whoever shows their cards last wins" principle to four people, each in turn having a higher hand than the previous player), not an aversion.

2. "Le Chiffre, the villain, has a tell." It seemed at one point Le Chiffre had a tell, but IIRC, he was deliberately faking a tell, and reversed it on the really big pot, so that Bond thought he was bluffing when he wasn't. Bond lost all his chips and had to borrow more money to buy his way back in.

Or I could be totally mis-remembering the film. Wouldn't be the first time.

Dr Dedman: He got an inside straight-flush. Note that hold-em is much more likely to see 2 (and very rarely 3) very good hands, because of the "community cards". Having a full house lose to a better one is not that infrequent (losing to 4 of a kind isn't unheard of either). But it is rare, most hands are won with a pair. So the event isn't quite as rare as you'd think, but still WAY too common in media.

Ronfar: It's not completely ridiculous for poker games to end in two high hands, because that's when you have two players who are both confident enough to decide to risk all their remaining chips.
  • Heh. That's a good one. Apparently you never played with beginners, when one of them calls with King high and wins because his opponent tried a stupid bluff with an even worse hand.

Gildor: Is the entry for Ocean's 11 correct? I don't remember Brad Pitt's character making up rules, I recall the other players as being completely clueless, and needing the rules explained to them.


Repton: Can anyone translate the "Real life" example into English? I mean, I flopped a pocket straight into the river just the other night, but I'm sure not all readers are p0k3r s74rz, y'know?


Are we sure the Darth Bane example fits this trope? For all we know that kind of thing happens all the time in sabbac.