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Lale: About the Evangelion example, how would the world have been better off if Shinji had given into the temptation? The whole world would permanently be reduced to a collective mind in the form of a sea of orange goo.

YYZ: Which, incidentally, is what the "villains" (the Strawman Religious Illuminati-like group we see glimpses of) were aiming for. They just didn't expect that someone — like Shinji — would actually be in control of the process, and therefore able to stop it halfway.

Paul A: For an anime trope, this has a strikingly large proportion of non-anime examples.

Jordan: I wonder if the scene in the desert from Small Gods is a subversion/parody- it's more making fun of Saints receiving food and drink from angels as well as like the temptation of St. Anthony, but it's interesting how really isn't tempted at all by the visions, nor are they really that strong of a temptation.

Some Sort Of Troper: There's a work called The Last Temptation so we're renaming this to The Final Temptation. [1].