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Turned To Stone launched as Taken for Granite: From YKTTW

Working Title: Turned To Stone: From YKTTW

Pulled out "In the movie, she turns people into ice.", because she doesn't. In either the new movie nor the old.
I resent this title ("Taken For Granite"), which seems to be a weak pun delivered at the cost of clarity of meaning. - L

BigT: The meaning is quite obvious, at least, I knew exactly what it meant before reading it. It makes much more sense than a lot of the other trope names. The only way I could see there being a problem is if you (A) aren't used to the naming style of this wiki, or (B) actually use this phrase when you mean "taken for granted".

Vampire Buddha: I'm going to add my opposition to the name:
  1. Taken For Granite is a bad pun
  2. The proposed title, Turned To Stone, is simple, clear, and descriptive, plus it will tunr up if somebody searches for 'turned to stone'
  3. Turned To Stone is easier to use in a sentence.

f: I agree with L and Vampire Buddha. Turned to Stone is much easier to put in a sentence, and it's not a lame pun. Not everything on this site has to be a lame pun.
"Also an odd Fetish Fuel, since there is a fandom for erotic petrifaction out there (search for ASFR; better yet, don't.)"
  • All I can say is, I find it a lot less unappealing than WAM or vore...!
  • Or rather, do. Be a little open minded here.
    • Just not so open minded that your brain falls out.

The title of this trope isn't completely original either, as witness this '''sexually explicit''' strip by Naga.
"This happens at the end of the climactic fight between Martin Septim and Mehrunes Dagon in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion."
  • Doesn't say to whom it happens or in exactly what form.
  • The first part is probably intentional, to avoid spoilers. The second might be, depending on way it is phrased. — Big T

Can somebody please explain the "Green Skinned Space Babe" reference???
  • OK, now there's an entry for Green-Skinned Space Babe, but I'm still not getting how it relates.
    • Gorgons = kinky? *shrugs*

I believe there was an instance of this in Teen Titans with a girl who could turn herself into crystal and was subsequently wielded as a weapon...can't remember the name, though.
  • The Men in Black animated series has Kay turned into a statue by a blast from an alien DNA modifier. A living statue, mind you - he could still move but was otherwise made of stone (or something close enough for government work).
    • Hence probably more suited to the Living Statue entry than here.

Don't make a little note about why it doesn't belong, take it out!
Circeus: I removed a reference to The Muppets being the Trope Namer, as the example was not known at the time of YKTTW.

f: Removed The Bible from the intro text, as I have never heard of even one instance of someone being turned to stone in the Bible, let alone "many" examples. In the future, if you think there are many examples of something, but cannot name one, it is time to do some research.

Janitor: Wasn't somebody's wife (Lot, maybe?) who was turned into a pillar of salt?

Dark Sasami: Yes, after one of those Orpheus-style don't-look-back stories. She peeked at the Angel of Death destroying Sodom and Gomorrah.

Ivlivs: I redirected "Turned To Stone" to "Taken For Granite".