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Lale: Tip — just Copy it first, then you can go back and paste it. (Took me a long time to learn that, of course.)

Fast Eddie: Excellent advice. That is going right on the edit page.

Tzintzuntzan: Love this, be a bit of a spoilsport — do we blame the Data Vampires or not?

Janitor: Data Vampires does seem to apply. ^-^ In the present case, it is not about cookies and such. Fast Eddie had a really vulgar analogy to explain it about small holes and large things. Think of it as "babies per minute."

Seth: What did i do :(

Hydro Globus: Troper Tale: I always Ctrl-C my longer posts on forums. They tend to get lost in an even greater percentage... But now, not copying is sometimes harder, but I'll try that once. See what happens to my edit...

Spectrum: What is the difference between this and The Database Hates Me? They look like clones to me.

Jackpot : I was creating a brand new page from scratch for my favourite band when opera closed before I could backup my entry. I lost an hour's worth of work.