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Morgan Wick: A lot of this is bizarre, confusing, and just plain inaccurate...

Ununnilium: But then, that's what wiki is for. >>v Although I'm taking out the link to the Wikipedia entry - really, an entry should be able to stand on its own!, this is really, really inaccurate. >>;

Kendra Kirai: Yeah, sorry about that...I was just going with what I knew, which was extremely piecemeal, mostly dealing with the latter half of the Linda Danvers Supergirl run.

Ununnilium: Well, all fixed now. ``v

Kendra Kirai: Just a tweak, since Linda Danvers lived in Leesburg.

Ununnilium: Huh, wonder how I got that wrong.

I just read through the whole entry and wonder - is the smoke coming out of my ears natural reaction or should I start to worry?