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Working Title: Rename Xanatos Gilligan: From YKTTW

Renamed- need to fix some of the names.

Y'know, Xanatos Gilligan is *really* a better title for this article. Why it redirects here, instead of the other way 'round, I'll never know.

SpiriTsunami: But it's totally cooler that we used the British terminology instead of the American. We probably should set up the American equivalent "Wrench in the Works" to redirect here, just to be on the safe side.

Some Sort Of Troper: I though Wrench In The Gears was the American version? The British version won out due to spanner also meaning a fool in english slang. To address the top point, this title is much, much, much more newbie friendly and thus more suited to the indices and such. Even after repeated use I would find myself occasionally forgetting the specifics of Xanatos Gilligan. The Xanatos tropes have a tradition behind them, but a tradition of about a year or two ain't worth more than a redirect.

PsyMar finds that when playing chess, he does better against higher-rated opponents (up to a point), as lower-rated opponents tend to embody this trope.

Phoenix Fire: On an unrelated note, does anyone else think that panel two of this comic might be an acceptable picture or, at least, extra page quote?
Sotanaht: I find it odd this page is named after the titular character from Gilligan's Island, at least in redirect form, but contains no examples from that show. If I had seen the show I would put them here myself, but I unfortunately have not.

Some Sort Of Troper: Well, I believe that's because Gilligan never had a intricate plot against him. He was stuck on an island with a group of friendly people and the only plans he messed up were ones he was in on, trying to help. Truth is he only ever gets to be The Millstone but somebody imagined, what if he was involved in a Xanatos Gambit.
Anonymous: Another alternate title idea could be "Idiot Sabot". The term 'sabotage' originates from the word 'sabot'. See The Other Wiki for more information. Spoiler meant for people who recognize the reference.