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Roxana: I agree wholeheartedly with this description. Space 1999 looked so good - what a shame it had such a lousy premise and worse writing. I mean really, the Moon banging round the universe like some kind of cosmic pinball with every alien in space dropping by for a visit!!! Now if they'd made it a satellite base and focused on the stranded crews' fight to survive....

Lee M: For me it wasn't so much the silly premise, aliens speaking perfect English or bad physics that killed the show. After all, Lost in Space has all those things and manages to be a lot more fun. I did like the idea of a bunch of people being forced to become explorers against their will, though that was done a lot better by Star Trek: Voyager. For me what really killed it was the bad dialogue, forced character conflicts, flat acting, and the fact that for an adventure series it really wasn't very exciting. And don't get me started on Season 2. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't still watch it if it turns up on satellite TV at 3 AM...

The "smeared into jelly by the sudden acceleration" bit is uncalled for. The first episode actually shows the crew of Alpha pinned to the ground by G-forces for some minutes while the Moon accelerates away, and the escape delta-V from Moon orbit is just 1400 m/s. Now, if you ask me what kind of explosion could accelerate the entire moon, and what or who carried it around interstellar space... well, it's science fantasy, and "Destiny" seems to have a really keen interest in the Alphans' lives.