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Working Title: An Erection Otherwise: From YKTTW

Ack Sed - That picture! Sheer genius :-D.

That Other 1 Dude: Thank /m/. As the comment notes, I don't really know what that's from.

Air Of Mystery: Is it Transformers maybe? There was a character called Erector...seriously.

That Other 1 Dude: Thanks to more help from /m/, I know what it's from: Machine Robo, who's toyline made up a good deal of what where in America known as the Go-Bots and Rocklords. Further information is that it's one of many characters that just show up, transform, and never be seen again and that this is photoshopped as the crane actually ends on its chest.

not totally sure if this counts, but wouldn't any and every time a couple is kissing, and the girl lifts her leg qualify as a safe visual metaphor?

Masami Phoenix: removed the following from the list. While the video is funny, there's no visual representations of erections, just men getting hurt because they're distracted.

  • This animated short by Eric Schwartz is full of this.

Johnny E: removed, because it doesn't seem to be an example, and it doesn't make sense out of context.

Itsuki: So this closed space is a pimple that appears on Ms. Suzumiya's ass, and those [blue energy giants] are the acne medication.
Kyon: You know your metaphors are hard to understand.
Itsuki: Yeah, that's not all that's hard.