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Madacaek: There's also another kind of slow clap though, isn't there? In particular when a villain is fighting the heroes, they make some sort of powerful attack and think they've defeated him, when suddenly the villain reappears, doing a slow clap and congratulating them on their attempt before resuming the ass-whupping.

Alternatively, The Man Behind The Man shows up doing this slow clap shortly after the heroes defeat what they thought was the current Big Bad.


Tanto: That's Sarcastic Clapping.
Madacaek: Ah, thanks for the clarification, Fire Walk. EDIT: And also Tanto, though you're a bit late. :P

Nevrmore: I can't for the life of me remember the movie, but apparently it was the first instance of the slow clap and the entire reason for it was that all of the extras listening to the hero's dramatic speech except for one did not know English, so they didn't know at which point to break into the uproarious applause. The one who did know began to slowly clap so the others would catch on...

...Anyone else hear about this?

Caswin: Is it just me, or do most of the contributors to this page take more kindly to this trope than the introduction would have us believe? ("Don't worry, though it does have a habit of popping every now and then, it's long since been a Discredited Trope...")