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Working Title: Sliding Scale Of Anthropomorphism: From YKTTW

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Neenee: Could we have a Robot Scale as well?

Frodo Goof Ball Co TV: I don't see why not. Why don't you add one?

Nlpnt: ". Superintelligent chimps are NOT supposed to be given internet privileges, so go back to your cage right now!" Wouldn't that vary from lab to lab, based not so much on what's being studied as who runs the lab and pays for hardware repairs? Corporate I can see, but wouldn't a university-run lab have access to plenty of IT students who'd pick banana peel and scat from the keyboards and pay for the privilege? :)

Unhappy: The robot scale seems to conflate appearance and thought. For example, the T-800 looks like a human, but certainly doesn't think like one. It's the same with the aliens - some authors will have all aliens incomprehensible, but with others the energy beings will be shiny humans.