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Kendra Kirai: I hate this trope. Most of the girls who are made 'hot' by letting down their hair and taking off their glasses are hotter with their glasses. What's a glasses-lover to do...

Looney Toons: Watch anime with meganekko, of course...

Kendra Kirai: Girls with glasses ROCK

Ununnilium: Is Japan more advanced for realizing this, or less for pandering to it so shamelessly? I pick... both! <3

osh: Ahem.

Ununnilium: Where's the evidence that that movie originated the trope at all, if its version is so different?

Inspired by discussion from YKTTW:

Should this be renamed/split? As it is, it's kind of a half-assed introduction to the concept of a character suddenly becoming desireable/sexy/etc... after a change. The one it spends the most on is where a Hollywood Homely woman takes off her glasses, lets down here hair, and... BAM! But the title itself seems to be more for a female character who suddenly becomes hot after adulthood(or just after puberty hits), particularly to the boy she's been friends with since childhood(and yes, some of us fans). This discription, however, only gets one sentence in the article itself.

Solandra: Done the split-up (mostly copy and paste). See Beautiful All Along Discussion for the whole YKTTW discussion.

Namta: As a boy with glasses who finds girls with glasses fucking hot, I, too, get annoyed at the whole hair-down, glasses-off, oh-look-how-sexy-she-suddenly-is thing. I can only imagine how hot Rachel Weisz would've been in The Mummy Returns had she kept the glasses...

I updated the Sabrina listing, it said Demi Moore for some reason instead of Julia Ormond.

Air Of Mystery: It's oddly possible, but I'd probably be rather...surprising looking if any of my own childhood friends saw me (I was the weird kid who sat up the back and consumed glue). What's worse, I started looking better after two weeks holidays, although they weren't summer ones. Hey, at least I have one subversion.
Sparkysharps: The fact that half of the entries refer to "inverted" male examples is kinda weird. Do you guys think we should separate them by gender (a la Chick Magnet), or just put a note in the summary that this isn't Always Female?
  • Ray Ayanami: The latter. It's not like males can't get this treatment too.