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Kizor: Hey, Earnest, great job in writing the entry. Exactly why I chose to keep from touching the launch button. Thanks!

Earnest: I does what I can, I'm just happy people notice. ^_^

Kizor: Can I get your opinions on using this as a quote?

Sophie lunges. The explosion of power that goes into her lunge is driven by the strength of a kangaroo's legs, a falcon's wings, the long muscles of a dragon's back, and the terrible force of the bounding bear's jumpsprings.

Um..... that sounds more like a metaphor than any indication that Sophie has transformed into a Biological Mashup. It's a fun quote though. What's it from?

Graaah! Why is it that so many people have failed to notice that "The Sword in the Stone" is the second example listed? LOL.

(And I'd still like to know where Kizor's quote came from.)

Kizor: It's from Hitherby Dragons. Google the name and a part of the quote. This has less metaphor about it than you'd think, but I agree that it sounds like one. Thanks.