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Working Title: Self-Demonstrating Article: From YKTTW

Earnest: I have to say, this is the easiest article I've ever had to "write"!

alliterator: One question: why is So It Begins on this page? It's a contributor page, not a trope.

SpiriTsunami: However, this index has a serious case of meme failure. If you don't get to finish the name, you can't get taken away...can you? (You know exactly what I'm referring to, and the fact that I don't feel like cutting myself off in mid-sentence is the reason why I'm refusing to refer to the meme by name.) I know, I know, because it's an index, there's nothing else after the name that could get cut off...but to make it funny, it should be the next index entry that gets cut off! In fact, I think I'll go do that.
Dragon Quest Z: The proper meaning and scope of this index is being discussed here.
Shale: Just noting for when the edit falls off the history that The Big Lebowski is a self-demonstrating article by way of using direct quotes from the movie as the entries for most of its tropes - which in turn illustrates the main character's tendency to repeat in his own lines what other people said earlier.
Dok Enkephalin: So would the inverse of this trope be Illustration Evasion?
Nightsky: I like the jokes in The Five Doctors as much as anyone, but is it really self-referential? Running gag, maybe, but not self-referential.