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I just started getting into Gunnerkrigg Court and I was wondering where it falls on this page. Can I expect reliable M/W/F updates?

  • Though it was a sprite-comic, and thus fairly easy to update, Bob and George went through its seven year and a quarter-year run with almost any delay compensated for with multiple updates later on. (At one point it was intentionally left unupdated for a day, and the characters complained about it the next day.)
  • Sinfest has been running since 2000, seven days a week, with virtually no gaps. The schedule became erratic and had some month-long breaks between April 2005 and July 2006, but has been remarkably on time again since then.

These two don't seem as impressive as the others in the category.

I must ask, what about jerkcity? He hasn't missed a comic for almost 4000 episodes at 1 comic per day. ~~~~ (Anonymous User)
Adam850: I'm curious, what do you think the on-time percentage of Megatokyo has been lately? I'm guessing that it's around 33% posted-to-scheduled ratio. That has to be one of the worst rates for a popular and widely read webcomic.

Rogue 7: Yeah, it's been pretty bad as of late, and Fred really hasn't offered much in the way of explanation. I just put it down as a chronic problem with the comic that I doubt will ever improve and just enjoy the damn thing. But VG Cats is worse. Dunno when that thing's ever going to update.

Broken Chaos: Trimmed some examples from "Examples" (not Exceptions) section, since they seem to not fit at all. Copied below, since history isn't retained for much more than a month:
  • SMBC Occasionally does this, but Zach Wiener usually gets back on track within a day or so.
  • Periodus sticks with its Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun schedule, but time is inconsistent.
(Both look kinda like Entry Pimping, the former not working since 'within a day or two' isn't really schedule slipping, and 'not having a consistent time' is not an example of schedule slipping either.)