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Looney Toons: I am so tempted to put this one on the Truth in Television list, if only because I once had the singular experience of driving into New York City and immediately finding a parking space right in front of the specific bar my friends and I had gone into the city to visit that night. In the middle of a very active Greenwich Village. On a Friday night at 10 PM.

Cassius335: If you do, please don't forget the index mark-up. I've through more than one tropes list where about half the entries mentioned in the list didn't have the accompanying mark-up.

Looney Toons: Trust me, I'm the last person you need to remind, newbie. I wrote the page templates and some of the style guidelines.

Cassius335: I did say please, old man. :P

Bananaquit: A.k.a. Doris Day Parking, presumably on account of Doris Day's ability to find big-city parking right in front of anyplace she drove to in films like Pillow Talk. Spoofed in Down With Love, a loving parody of such movies.