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The Great Unknown: Curses, I wanted it to be an Easter Egg.

Jack Butler: This would have been so much more awesome had it actually been a Rick Roll.


Silent Hunter: I've just got Rick-rolled for the first time today (12 Feb 2009). I may be late, but I get there eventually...

Sabbo: Since it's not a Rick Roll if you're expecting it, I've never been rickrolled. It's also not a rick roll if you don't know what a Rick Roll is, and are not told directly after the event.

theFirebottle : My university installed screens around the seating area of its main food court, to which one can text requests for music videos. Naturally, the entire cafeteria gets rickrolled about twice an hour. (Since we don't have a troper tales, I just thought I'd share this.)

Freiberg : A friend of mine just got rickrolled through this article for the first time. This is awesome.

Sabre Justice: I find that since Rick Rolling is an old meme, the best way to do it now is to not actually deny you're linking to that video.