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Burn This City launched as Revealing Cover-Up: From YKTTW (not original YKTTW)


Rob Mandeville: Regarding Doctor Who's World War III: I would say that this isn't a Revealing Cover-Up. They specifically laid a trap for UFO experts, and even caught the Doctor in it (momentarily). In effect, they wanted the Doctor to show up, if he was in town. They just didn't count on one of the UF Ologists to be a time-travelling alien polymath who could escape.

It seems that there are two distinct flavours of this: 1) A person or organization trying to divert attention with a bigger distraction which ends up revealing what it was supposed to distract from (basically the current description). 2) A person simply trying to cover up something that gets found anyway, but it's more suspicious now because of how it was hidden.

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Dok Enkephalin: Wouldn't the inverse be a concealing revelation? For example, if the Inquisition showed up at your drawbridge hunting vampires, and you poorly concealed every imaginable vice, leaving your penalty up to the confessional rather than your heart carved out and buried at the crossroads. Bonus points if you puke wine-soaked ichor on the bishop's shoes.