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Bluetooth The Pirate: There's a lot more, and I'm too tired to do it. Someone want to take a crack at de-stubbing this, otherwise I'll try again later.

fleb: Tentative Five-Man Band categorization, after seeing Enzo and Andraia's age-ups:

The Hero: Bob The Lancer: older Enzo Matrix The Smart Guy: Mouse The Chick: Dot The Big Guy: Andraia

Caswin: Does AndrAIa really qualify as a Shallow Female Love Interest? Sure, the "my place is with him" line fits the "absolutely devoted to the hero" aspect, but it's not like she didn't have a personality beyond Enzo, and we can easily answer the big question on the page, so...

The Phantom Squee: Personally, I don't really get the "less often" bit in the Action Girl entry. As far as I remember, Mouse was more active than Dot was.

The Phantom Squee: I'm also rather skeptical about the entry for The Scrappy. Isn't a Scrappy supposed to be almost universally disliked among a large portion of the fandom? The only character I can think of who's that consistently disliked is Matrix.

Insanity Prelude: He wasn't disliked when I was in the fandom. Wha?

The Phantom Squee: I say that mostly because I've seen lots of people complaining about him being a whiny man-bitch or something. *Shrug* I don't have anything against the guy, but that's the impression I get.

smochiragnarok: At the ReBoot panel at Anime Evolution 2009, one of the creators, Gavin Blair, said that season 4 was envisioned as 16 episodes, written for 12, and unfortunately cut down to 8 in the end. This explains the cliffhanger. No proof until somebody uploads a video of it, but I figured I could toss this up here.

Insanity Prelude: Moved the discussion on Fridge Logic:

  • Justified in the series; the User thinks it's just a game, and is unaware of the nature of Mainframe. To the User, Mainframe's self-destruction at the end of season three was a system crash, fixed by *ahem* Rebooting.
    • The set-up of Mainframe makes very little sense, from the perspective of the user. He has to constantly lose every game he plays in order to keep his computer from being systematically destroyed. I'm guessing most real-life gamers who lost games as systematically as the Mainframe user would get frustrated pretty fast and find another hobby.
    • Yeah, but it doesn't explain why the computer was set up like that in the first place.
    • Games do ruin things on the computer more than any other possible thing besides viruses. They fragment the hard drive really bad.
    • This troper assumes that Mainframe runs inside the RAM, so when they 'backed up' before the Great Crash, they were saving changes; the restarting of the system Mainframe was on loaded them from copies of themselves off the hard disk.
    • If the Mainframe runs inside RAM, the "Nulls" could refer to the memory leaks that computers of the time had, although that wouldn't explain why it doesn't happen when the User loses...
    • The fact The User kept trying different games probably meant he kept looking for a game he could win. And he did...
    • I imagine that the User spent a lot of time on GameFAQs forums bitching about That One Boss.
    • Heres a new game that does this: