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Kilyle: Do the contestants on American Idol fit in here, or do they not count because it's not "a reality show" per se? It seems that a lot of them are not prepared for Simon's criticism, and plenty of them go in there with mediocre to flat-out bad voices and are just shocked when they're told "not good enough" or "go home and find a new job." Not to mention the ones who try to get into a singing competition via looks (hey, let me through, I'm wearing a gorilla suit!).

Hasher Britarse: Motion hereby put that all would-be contestants on American Idol or local equivalent be required to read Ben Elton's Chart Throb first.

Idle Dandy: Well then you'd be left with only those contestants who can read, and what fun would that be? Seriously, I decided shortly after becoming an Idol fan that the real joke isn't bad singing; it's lack of self-awareness. This is why the ones who clearly have Asperger's are not funny, but the ones who are just terrible human beings? Are hilarious!