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Shire Nomad: This one really needs a good picture to go with it. Anyone got one handy?

Earnest: Finally found one half way decent, is the caption ok?
  • Mike: The caption's fine. I just wanted to say that that hair looks exactly like my mom's hair (no, she's not a politician. Moderately successful motivational speaker, that's all.), and its creeping me out.

Magical Mikuru: I think there's an explanation to this trope - it's because not very many of the women have the time to deal with long hair.

Spiritsunami: This trope name doesn't fit with something that only applies to women. Hair is power. More specifically, facial hair is power. The closest thing we have to a trope properly fitting this is "Good Hair, Evil Hair", which isn't very good because there are often cases where good and evil don't apply, usually involving Real Life.