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alliterator: I cut:
* There's a song about a young man who picks up a girl who needs a ride. When he gets to her destination, the seat behind him is empty, though he never stopped the car. All that remains is her sweater. When he knocks on the door with the sweater to see if she went inside while he wasn't looking, the person who answers is astonished to see the sweater. It belonged to his daughter, who was killed in a car crash at about the spot where the young man picked up the hitcher girl...25 years earlier.
1) Because there's no information about the artist or song title and 2) because that's an obvious urban legend.

Indigo: Obvious urban legend or not, there's still actually a song. I can't remember the title or artist, unfortunately. I've been trying to. The song is older than I am and I haven't heard it in about five years. I'll see if a little Google Fu will jog the memory.
  • The Other Wiki to the rescue. Dickie Lee, Laurie (Strange Things Happen).

alliterator: It's better now, though it probably belongs in Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts. This page is more for how ghosts vary in different media.

Bluetooth The Pirate: I thought Ghost Dog was about Forrest Whittaker as an American assassin who tried to live by a samurai honor code, not an actual dead dog. Or is there another film by that name?