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Joysweeper: Kind of want this pic, too. Can we have two? Seriously. "I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the Planet Earth."

Rissa: I <3 that picture.

KJMackley: Some of the examples are not so much "One of Us" as it is "Actually quite intelligent," which is mostly covered by Hot Scientist. I guess some people like to think nerds all speak 5 languages and have multiple degrees in theoretical quantum physics. This trope is supposed to be "Supposedly too glamorous for such things, they are actually fond of Halo."

Grimace: On that note, can we/should we cut Natalie Portman? While a great actress and (I'm sure) wonderful person, simply being really really smart doesn't necessarily make her fit in this trope.
Daibhid C: "in fact, listing the fantasy or sci-fi writers who aren't geeks would be shorter."

Can I start?
  • David "So it occured to me that if LOTR was still in print, this must be an easy way to make money" Eddings.
(On second thoughts, maybe this belongs on Darth Wiki, if anywhere.)


Cthulhu Mythos mostly, [but Gaiman] wrote a crossover fic featuring Jeeves And Wooster as well.

If you're talking about "What Ho, Gods of the Abyss?", that was Alan Moore.

Daibhid C: Gaiman wrote an article where he claimed to have the MS of Woodhouse and Lovecraft's only collaborative novel (The What Ho! On The Threshold, or It's The Call of Cthulhu, Jeeves), as well as the musical Necrocomnicon Summer but as far as I know never actually wrote it up. Screem For Jeeves by P.H. Cannon is another example.

Rogue 7: I hope Yuri Lowenthal's wife (also a voice actress) doesn't read this page...

brokenwit: Kurt Cobain, before Nirvana blew up, was a straight-up twee kid. Being a twee kid back then had far more geeky connotations than it does now, after being assimilated into hipster culture. Does that count?
Nurfle: I sorted / folderized as best I could, but some of the examples could have gone in different folders than I put them (Felicia Day is in TV right now, for instance), and I feel like Other is too big. I wash my hands and leave it to the graces of Wiki Magic.