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Ron Rifkin's Saul Holden in Brothers & Sisters has recently revealed that he is gay. Perhaps that ought to be added?

The killer in Green Arrow: Quiver wasn't actually gay. He just told Ollie that story to win his trust, with reasoning that seemed more than a little offensive.

Invader Sin: Changed the bit about The Drew Carey Show—the other guy wasn't Burt Ward.

Billjac: There are nothing but exceptions to the trope in the examples, so many that I'm not convinced this trope even exists. Maybe we ought to revise this entry.

Johnny E: That's deliberate; how could we have a list of every example of a work that doesn't have any gay old people in it?

Must...not...add...lemon party!

Warriorseadra: So....just throwing this out there, but what about Albus Dumbledore?? He's definitely over 50 years old (perhaps above 100 is more like it), and J.K. Rowling honestly says that he's gay.