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Pete Man: I think the quote for this page should be: "It's like something out of H.P. Lovecraft... only GAY!" Yu-Gi-Oh, The Abridged Series.

Master Hand: Thanks for suggesting, added.

Feo Takahari: How about adding a "general" category for when it's just too much? No Hope Spot, no comic relief, not even humorous deaths—just gallons of Nightmare Fuel Unleaded to the point that the viewer gets jaded?

Minishear: I think it should be called "Nightmare Fail". With Nightmare Retardant as the alternate title.

Neofcon: I propose the title "When Do I Piss Myself?"
Prfnoff: Too much "This Troper thinks" in the page. Removed these examples and moved many others to Nightmare Retardant:
  • The goddamn Heffalump. Why the hell were Winnie the Pooh and his friends utterly terrified of a little cute elephant who looks as menacing as a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken?
    • Are you kidding? Kentucky Fried Chicken is way more menacing than the Heffalump.
      • Indeed. Why were all the characters afraid of him? I mean, what was it gonna do, tickle them to death?
      • True, they do look adorable, but they scared the FECK out of this troper as a child because of the creepy music that was playing during the scene.
  • South park is freaking made of this trope.
  • This troper, as a child, was terrified by a scene from Mel Brooks' High Anxiety, where a man dies from a car radio being too loud. Swarm, a film about African killer bees, was playing across the hall; a few minutes of that had a calming effect.
  • Whilst fast zombies from Half-Life 2 have been mentioned several times in Nightmare Fuel for good reason, this troper, as he always plays a game on Easy first, found their impotent flailing of scrawny arms against the Nigh Invulnerable player to be quality Nightmare Retardant after a short time. Move up to Normal, though...
    • This troper found the fasties pretty damn weak on Normal, as well. Not only that, but in the "suspensful" scene in Ravenholm where the player must wait for the slow-moving cable car sent by Father Grigori while keeping the fast zombies off the roof, which many players cite as incredibly nerve-wrecking, this troper found the entire thing peacefully predictable and dubbed it the "Fishing from a barrel"-scene.
      • HA! I'll do you one better! This troper was terrified the first time he hit this section, having almost no ammuniton and health left. And then... No zombies. The trigger glitched and the cart came over without me having to fight a thing.
    • Mack And Mesh, in their Half-Life 2 videos, run into something similar. After Mesh has done almost half of Ravenholm in a very tense mood, he finally gets down to street level and meets the fast headcrabs. After hearing the screams they make when jumping to attack, Mesh asks "does that sound like cats?", declaring that he cannot be scared of them anymore.
  • This Troper stifled giggles all through Prom Night, but when they tried their very best to scare the audience with a lamp, she couldn't keep it in and burst out laughing. Then several other people joined in...
    • The original or the remake?