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Silent Hunter: Edited the Carry On entry, because I've never head the series described that way before and that's not what the earlier ones are really like (Camping now holds a PG rating in the UK and only an R in the US).

KiTA: I haven't had time to read all of Arthur, King of Time and Space's archives yet, the occasional clean nudity shoved it into a "read at home" list. Can someone more familiar with the comic expand/correct the entry on that?

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Not Another Teen Movie is the Ur-Example? You keep using that word..
  • KiTA: Über-Example?

  • Nudism is a philosophy that basically boils down to "There's nothing wrong with being naked in certain situations, including some group situations".
I was under the impression that nudism was more a practice than a philosophy. —Document N

Trogga: Why were so many examples removed? Nudity doesn't have to be embarrassing for it to be funny.