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fleb: This one looks like Shapeshifter Weapon:
* In Warhammer 40,000 some members of the Chaos armies will become possessed by demons and receive morph weapon arms. One unit's entire body becomes a morph weapon and morph armor.

FuzzyBoots: There was a sci-fi short story that I remember reading years ago, involved a guy on an alien planet, having to fight in ritual combat using a kind of flexible weapon where manipulations of the handle allowed one to "freeze" it in a given configuration, allowing a skilled wielder to change it between a straight sword and one with a hook in the end and such. Only other details I remember were that a) the guy had to go under surgical modification to pass for the alien native and b) the alien who defeats him in the end is actually an offworld agent from the enemy side, a female who, among other things, had to have her breasts removed to make the disguise work, implying that she won because she had sacrificed more to get there.